Setup E-mail service

E-mail service work with any standard SMTP service; the service only run if you have: username, password and server address. Without these three required fields, it will just ignore. Inside Service folder, you will find this file: EmailService.cs, which is the class for handing e-mail task.

Here is the example setting in appsettings.json you can update for your need:

"EmailConfig": {
    "FromName": "ShipFast-ASP.NET",
    "FromAddress": "",
    "ToEmail": "",
    "CcEmail": "",
    "BccEmail": "",
    "ServerAddress": "",
    "ServerPort": 587,
    "ServerUseSsl": true,
    "Username": "",
    "Password": ""

I purposely set password to blank to disable e-mail service in Development environment. On Production environment, I set it to valid password.

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