Best Practice Entity Framework Core with ASP.NET Core Blazor

Here is the correct way to use Entity Framework Core with ASP.NET Core Blazor

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Blazing Fast Startups: how ASP.NET Balzor supercharges your productiviy

By combining the power of Blazor with the efficiency of ShipFast-ASP.NET, you can get your startup off the ground faster than ever before. Stop wasting time on building boilerplate code from scratch and focus on what truly matters: building a product your customers will love.

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ASP.NET Core Common Security

Web application security is crucial because it safeguards user data and the overall functionality of your app. Without it, hackers could steal sensitive information, tamper with app functions, or even take down the entire application. This can damage your reputation, cause financial loss, and erode user trust. By implementing security measures, you protect your users and your business.

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Launch Fast, Learn Faster: Why Speed is Key for Startups

February 29, 2024

Forget waiting for perfection. In the fast-paced startup world, speed is key. Launching quickly with a minimum viable product (MVP) lets you validate your idea, gather crucial user feedback, and beat the competition to the market. This rapid iteration fosters a culture of learning from mistakes and adapting, all while building momentum and maximizing your return on investment. So, embrace the launch fast, learn faster approach and watch your startup soar!

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Stop Re-inventing the Wheel: Boilerplate Can Help You Launch Faster

February 28, 2024

Stop wasting time writing repetitive code. Boilerplate, pre-written code snippets for common functionalities, is your secret weapon

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Why ASP.NET Core Blazor a good choice of tool

February 27, 2024

ASP.NET Core Blazor is a framework that allows developers to build web applications using C# for both front-end and back-end logic. This simplifies development and promotes code reuse. Blazor offers server-side and client-side hosting options, giving developers flexibility based on project needs. It integrates with existing .NET tools and libraries, reducing the learning curve for familiar developers. Blazor empowers building interactive and dynamic UIs and is mobile-ready, ensuring wider reach. Overall, Blazor's versatility, developer-friendliness, and ability to build modern web applications make it a valuable tool for web developers.

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