Ship your ASP.NET App to customer fast

ShipFast ASP.NET is a SaaS boilerplate with necessary components for shipping your startup's product to customer in a few days and start earning revenue


Many developers who start a new project or founders who start a new startup, they repeat the same process over and over and wasted a lot of time doing the same thing. This repeating startup process is delaying the time to ship new product to customer. So, ShipFast-ASP.NET is created to save time for entrepreneur and speed up time to earn revenue.

Old Approach

  • Generate new project from Dotnet template
  • Find Web template
  • Update default template to new web template
  • Design landing page
  • Setup E-mail service
  • Setup Stripe payment or Other payment gateway
  • SEO for entire website
  • Create Dockerfile for packaging app in container
  • Create Documentation module
  • Create Contact-us module
  • and much more...

Better Approach

  • Download ShipFast-ASP.NET boilerplate
  • Customize it
  • Ship it
  • Earn $


Save time, avoid stress and ship faster for fast result.

Build Fast

Use this boilerplate to help you get thing done faster.

Ship Fast

Ship your startup fast for better chance of success

Get Result Fast

The faster you ship, the sooner you get the result; more iterations can be done.


Speed up the time to ship your product to customer and start earning fast

Promotion ending soon: $99 after discount, full price: $149

Free Plan


  • Generate code from default dotnet template
  • Build many things from scratch
  • Handle more stress
  • Spend ∞ days or months to ship
  • Nothing is free, you pay one way or other (time and effort)

ASP.NET 8 Razor


  • User Auth
  • Landing page
  • Stripe payment
  • E-mail service
  • SEO
  • Documentation Module
  • Blog Module
  • Contact Module
  • User Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Light and Dark theme

Free Plan vs Paid Plan

Shipping Startup faster is the lifeline of many entrepreneurs

Frequently Asked Questions

For more questions, contact us via form or Chatbot for faster response

It's a SaaS boilterplate built with ASP.NET 8 Blazor to help you ship your product to paying customers in a few days instead of weeks or months.

Your will get to download a zip file wich contains Visual Studio solution folder. You can immediately launch the app in your local machine and get exactly what you see on this website. Here are some of the important components include in the package:
  • User registration and login
  • User portal for managing user info
  • Stripe payment
  • Documentation module
  • Blog module
  • Admin page for managing user
  • Admin page checking message from contact form
  • Dockerfile for building and packaging app
  • and more...

ShipFast ASP.NET is using Entity Framework Core, it support all databases that EF Core does such as MySQL, MSSQL, PosgreSQL, CockroachDB, SQLite. By default, it come with SQLite file for fast start, you can easily switch to any supported database quick by following tutorial on documentation page.

With the nature of this software, it does not make sense to provide refund; I don't want you to pay for what you don't want either, the documentation contains all necessary information for you to decide before purchase.

Yes, you can login to dowload latest version of the app whenever there is a new update.

Whenever there is something to update, I will update the app and ship it in the matter of hours.

This website ShipFast-ASP.NET is the actual demo and production app you can see. What you see on this website is what you get after purchase.

Please use the contact form to tell me in detail the issues you see, I will fix it and ship it. That is an advantage of buying ShipFast-ASP.NET too. You don't have to spend time fixing issues your self.

It support Radzen Blazor Components because it is open source and it has better support with great documentation.

As of July 8, 2024, I have received a good number of interests in this product for me to prioritize this version higher and aim to finish it soon. Please send me a message via contact form to get e-mail notification from me as soon as I finish it.


Some top features to highlight, check out documentation for more...

ASP.NET Core 8 Blazor

Built with the latest version of ASP.NET Core 8 Blazor

Entity Framework Core

Support many database such as MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB and SQLite

Bootstrap 5

Use popular Bootstrap 5 that most developers are familar with; and many themes are available.

ASP.NET Core 8 Identity

Easy to customize and well documentation. No extra cost for third-party service.

Stripe Payment

Start charging your user for your product right away

Documentation Module

Create user manual for user to read and understand how to use your product. See example on this website.

User Dashboard

User can access product and edit profile

Admin Dashboard

Admin can manage user and other internal data

Contact Module

User can contact you from the website and message is available via admin dashboard

Use Cases

Here are some of the use cases ShipFast-ASP.NET can be used for. Of course, there is no limit, it can be used for anything else you can imagine.

  • All
  • App
  • Product
  • SaaS
  • Books

Mobile App Subscription

Accept payment from mobile app user via website


Sell your API

Pre-order New Product

Let customer pre-order any product


Sell e-book for user to download after payment

Mobile App Point

Sell digital point to mobile app user

AI Product

Sell access to your AI product

Crypto Marketplace

Create a market place for Crypto


Accept order from user for hardcopy book and ship it to them

Waitlist for New Mobile App

Let user sign up for waiting list for mobile app access

Concept Product

Testing concept product to early adopter user

Online Marketplace

Create online market place for user to buy and sell anything

Pre-order Books

Accept pre-order for books or e-book


Let me know if you have any more question or concern that is not addressed in FAQ yet

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