ASP.NET Core Common Security

ASP.NET Core Common Security Measure

Web application security is crucial because it safeguards user data and the overall functionality of your app. Without it, hackers could steal sensitive information, tamper with app functions, or even take down the entire application. This can damage your reputation, cause financial loss, and erode user trust. By implementing security measures, developer protect app users and the business.

When creating ShipFast-ASP.NET, I understands the critical nature of security in ASP.NET Core Blazor applications. That's why I prioritize implementing well-established security practices within the app.

ShipFast-ASP.NET come with standard implementation of web security, below is what we have put in place:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • CORS: restrict to current website
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): clean all user input text before saving into database
  • Rate Limit

Committed to keeping ShipFast-ASP.NET secure, I actively pursues the latest security best practices. By constantly monitors the security landscape and strives to integrate these advancements into the codebase. This ongoing dedication ensures ShipFast-ASP.NET remains a reliable and secure platform for all.

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