Code Structure

Screenshot is showing the high level folder

Code structure

Detail about each folder:

  • Components: all Blazor code
  • Controllers: Controller code for Checkout, download content for paid-user
  • Data: Entity Framework code
  • database: SQLite data file, you don't need it if you are not using SQLite
  • DTOs: Data Transfer Object (DTO) code
  • Migrations: Entity Framework migration code
  • Models: Model class for Entity Framework
  • Services: Bussiness logic class for use in Blazor and Controller code. It has important classes for Stripe, Caching, Markdown service, Product management service.
  • UserProduct: zip file for paid-user to download after payment. Download controller use this folder to let user download content.
  • wwwroot: static files (css, image, javascript), documentation markdown and blog markdown files
  • Dockerfile: file for building docker container
  • docker-compose.yml: file for running or building docker image
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