Setup Stripe payment

First thing first, you need an account with Stripe and then open appsettings.Development.json to update it with your test Stripe key. Update appsettings.Production.json for your Production environment key.

Last thing to update is Pricing key, you need to update it too for your product price to charge customer. Open appsettings.json to find this example setting:

"App" : {
    "AppName": "ShipFast",
    "PublicUrl": "http://localhost:5244",
    "UserProductFile": "",
    "ShipFastPriceId": "price_1OkNhLAKeC33DB4R6cKYjuvJ"

Update ShipFastPriceId for your product price that you setup inside your Stripe account. I use this price Id to charge for a one-time product payment for ShipFast-ASP.NET Blazor app.

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